High Quality Flight Training for Today's General and Corporate Aviation Pilots

Advanced Aviation Training was originated in 1984 as Airmanship, Inc. It was later purchased by AAT. We have provided Initial and Recurrent Aviation Training for thousands of general aviation pilots. Our curriculm includes flight training programs for a variety of aircraft that meet most insurance requirements. It is our objective to provide the most efficient and effective program at a competitive price.

Being in business for over 20 years has allowed us to serve a growing base of loyal and satisfied customers.

AAT offers flight training at your home base location and at our office location in Freeport, Illinois. For those who have a distance to travel, we can save aircraft operating cost by bringing our programs to your home base of operation.

Our Mission:

AAT specializes in Initial and Recurrent Flight Training endorsements required by most aircraft insurers.

AAT's objective is to provide comprehensive, expert training to aircraft owners and the general aviation community, while maintaining the highest level of quality and professionalism serving the aviation insurance industry.


King Air 300/350's
King Air 200's
King Air 100's
King Air 90's
Single Engine IFR
Multi Engine IFR